How to Style Your Baby In the Spring

The spring months are finally upon us and personally, I couldn’t be happier. If you are a new mom maybe this is your baby’s first spring or second spring or maybe you have a toddler and you have spent a couple springs together. It’s still fun to prepare for spring and put together different outfits for your baby and even for yourself. With spring and Easter usually comes with the emergence of pastel colors and tones. It’s also the time to plan easter outfits and accessories. For boys, this could include bow ties, suspenders and cute belts. For girls, it could dresses like big twirly ones, fancy hair bows like Cable Knit Knot Bows, and flowery shoes and bags, hats belts for girls etc. Below we list some other spring outfits and accessories you can style you baby in during these blossom filled and easter themed months.

A pretty spring dress:

A classic staple of the springtime wardrobe for your little baby girl. A pretty spring dress can do no wrong. With warmer weather and plenty of spring holidays like Easter and Passover, there are lots of opportunities to dress up!

A pair of dungarees:

This you can get for both your baby boy and your baby girl. How adorable is this dungaree set with matching bodysuit or tshirt? Plus you can also use it in the winter months and summer months. It actually can be used year round so it’s definitely a good item to have in your kids closet. Also get shirts or bodysuits for your baby boy to switch out from time to time. Your baby boy will be all ready for Easter and spring with this bodysuit set, complete with sewn on tie and suspenders, and matching knitted newsboy cap.

Sandals and flip flops:

The months are warm now so there’s going to be the need for sandals and flip flops especially if you plan to go to the beach or pool with your kids. There’s nothing quite like running around barefoot in fresh cut spring grass… but if baby’s toes must be covered, a pair of sandals or flip flops is the next best thing.

Bow tie bodysuit:

Another cute all in one outfit, this bow tie bodysuit with coordinating sewn on suspenders is a perfect Easter and springtime outfit. And they are super adorable and festive.


Vests always look adorable on babies. Get one in a bright color like teal or mustard for your baby and mix it with other bright colored clothing items like t-shirts, shorts or even the shoe. If the day is particularly warm, you can put your kid just in the vest and watch them run around happy and free with their little arms in the wind.


If there’s ever a time to wear colorful hats like baseball hats, fedoras, papa’s cap and much more it’s in the warm months of the spring and summer. They always look good and will also protect your kids face and sometimes shoulders too from the sun.

Styling Tips

Mix and match prints:

Another way to get in the fun and colorfulness of Spring is to mix and match prints you don’t have to stick with one print per outfit and you can use this using a baby headband. You can mix polka dots headband with stripes and mix the same print in different sizes, colors or style. For example, pink polka dots with red, vertical stripes with horizontal stripes and red stripes with blue stripes. Prints are beautiful, give character and have the ability to make an outfit pop and garner attention effortlessly. Prints also photography really well so keep that in mind for your next baby photo shoot. You can also match a headband with another accessory like a tight or sock. Here are some major tips to keep in mind when next you want to mix and match prints not just with headbands but for the entire outfit.

Use big and small prints:

Mixing and matching are not limited to only contrary patterns. You can actually mix with the same print; just in varying sizes. For example, a black and white small striped top looks surprisingly stunning with a thick-striped mini skirt. The pairing offers a fun illusion of fluctuating volumes, as the stripes gradually get bigger. It also marked the kids look fun and airy. Animal prints always look fun on kids and even more so when it comes to mixing and matching. After all, leopard serves as a neutral most of the time. With this black-and-white striped ensemble, a leopard print shoe is a cherry on top. And if you’re really craving a pop of color add a red purse, fanny pack or backpack. Talk about making the most of the color.

There are gems in boys section for girls:

When going out to shop this spring, don’t let the store signs restrict you. As an adult with a quirky fashion sense, I sometimes shop in the boy’s section for some rare finds, especially with t-shirts. Same goes for kids. Stroll over to the boy’s section and pick out some fun t-shirts for you girl child. Most t-shirts about science and superheroes are in the boy’s section only but our girls can be science geniuses too and deserve to feel like superheroes. Shopping at the boy’s section also gives you a variety of colors to choose from as mentioned above.

Turn necessities into accessories:

Things like belts and shoes are necessary but you can use them as accessories too by getting the ones in bright colors or styles like the cable knit knot bows mentioned above. It’s a necessity but also serves as an accessory.  You can turn necessities into accessories as well. For example, you can get bibs in fun colors and patterns to add a pop to your baby’s outfit. And hats and headbands can keep your baby warm and also serve as a fashion statement.

Armed with these styling tips and outfit suggestions, go out and do your spring shopping for your kids and yourself and have a lovely Easter.